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Welcome to Moral Robots, an educational resource that (as the subtitle says) tries to make sense of robot ethics, and to help others understand the problems involved.

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We believe in democracy and an informed society that is able to make rational decisions about its future. Unfortunately, robot ethics, despite its obvious importance, is not yet well-understood, and is often poorly communicated.

We also believe that engineers cannot go on solving the moral problems of artificial intelligence systems in an ‘ad hoc’ way. Instead, AI technology can profit from the work that philosophers have done over the centuries, investigating and clarifying moral issues.

This site aims to provide a helping hand both to philosophers who increasingly will need to understand the technology of AI systems, and to engineers who would like to improve their systems by understanding and then incorporating the basics of moral theory, and who want to make an informed choice about which theory to implement, and why.

We also aim to provide help to educational organisations, the general public, and the press, who are looking for useful, easily digestible information on AI and philosophy issues, including technoregulation, technology and law, and the application of ethics theories to technology issues.

We also provide weekly commentaries on current affairs and issues in the philosophy and regulation of applied artificial intelligence systems.

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