UN Summit on AI: ‘The most significant technology we will ever create’ | Euronews


From Euronews:

Experts from the likes of Microsoft and Audi are gathered with UN leaders and academics to debate the pros and cons of Artificial Intelligence in Geneva this week, reports Euronews’ Jeremy Wilks. Artificial Intelligence is “probably the most significant technology we will ever create,” says Peter Diamandis in his opening video address to the ITU’s AI for Good summit. The X Prize founder always speaks with the zeal of the finest Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, and here he is in his element. Taking up the baton on stage is Marcus Shingles, X Prize CEO, who with the tone of a motivational speaker expounds the huge unleashed potential of the smartphones in the pockets of 3.6 billion people today. Artificial Intelligence, say its proponents, can heal healthcare, make travel safe, and boost your wealth.


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