You are very welcome to contribute to this site!

Many different kinds of contribution are possible:

  1. I would be very grateful for interesting news items to add to the news section. News should not be older than about 3 weeks, if possible. A link is sufficient. Please send your contribution to
  2. If you are a philosopher or an AI researcher, I would very much value an original article from you for the Philosophy or Technology sections. Articles should be introductory in nature, and suitable for an educated audience.
  3. In keeping with the mission of the site, technical articles should be understandable to philosophers, and philosophical articles should be understandable to engineers and technicians. The mission of the site is to educate, not to present original research in detail.
  4. I will also reprint interesting articles published elsewhere, if the rights allow.
  5. From educated readers of all faculties, I would value well-written opinion pieces. Opinion pieces should be researched and argumentative, and they should take a stance on controversial issues regarding the ethics of AI.
  6. Activists can contribute news items about worthy causes, opinion pieces, or information about events.
  7. All readers are welcome to submit pointers to published research papers, provided that the papers are understandable to a general educated audience.
  8. Software developers, programmers, hackers, information scientists, and students working on their theses are welcome to submit experimental code snippets or commented code walkthroughs for the “Code” section. The code does not need to be executable or complete. Sketches and attempts at morality implementations (or parts thereof) are very welcome, as are requests for discussion of such code in the forums. Code may be submitted in any widely understood programming language, or in pseudocode, as flowchart, block diagram, formal logic notation, or in any other suitable form.
  9. This site is intended to promote discussion and collaboration across disciplines, so your contributions are a vital part of its mission! Please do consider to contribute. All rights on contributed material will remain with the authors. You grant a non-exclusive permission to publish your contribution, but you are welcome to do with it whatever else you wish.
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